Information on Erection Oils

What are erection oils?

Advancements in transdermal technology have compiled the natural ingredients of male enhancement products in oil.  This oil can be applied directly to your penis and will take effect immediately.  All you need to do is massage some oil onto your penis and then are ready for anything.

Do erection oils work?

Yes, erection oils are proven effective.

How do oils work?

Usually these oils are water-based and non-greasy, which makes them compatible with condoms.  This male enhancement product works because you are applying the natural ingredients and herbal extracts directly to the penis. This break-through method is known as transdermal method or the German transdermal delivery system.  Erection oils are one of the latest developments in male enhancement as you gain the benefits of male enhancement products by rubbing the oil directly on the skin of the penis.  This is an effective, quick, and specifically targeted way of using male enhancement products. Quality erection oils should produce the following:

  • Harder (firmer) erections
  • Increased penile tissue engorgement
  • Long-lasting erections
  • Control over ejaculation (less premature ejaculation)

How do oils differ from oral penis enhancement products?

Penis erection oils are created to instantly penetrate into the tissues of your penis and testicles, giving results in at a maximum of 90 seconds. This transdermal method allows for direct absorption into the skin, meaning up to 95% of the enhancement ingredients are absorbed as opposed to the 5% absorption you get with enhancement pills and capsules. Moreover, oils differ from oral enhancement products because you can use enhancement oils when you need them and not have to allot for the time needed for oral products to work. Male enhancement oils have revolutionized he male enhancement market because of their effectiveness.  In fact, male enhancement oils are considered as a part of the “next generation of male enhancement products”.  Although many of these products are known as oils, they are actually water based. This means that the oils are condom compatible.  Therefore, if you plan to use condoms you need to be sure that the oil you choose is water based. As with any male enhancement product, the ingredients used in enhancement oils can vary from company to company.  However, in many of the oils you will find these ingredients from the following categories: natural herbs, amino acids, vitamins, and flavoring. The most common ingredient you will find, that many of the oils manufacturers use is L-Argynine. This amino acid will convert to nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide is a key component that helps men to start the cycle that leads to an orgasm.  You will need to consider how long the company has been in business and if they use the ingredients mentioned above to ensure you are getting quality enhancement oil. The best way to find a quality erection (enhancement) oil is by trial and error. These are the simplest and most fun products to test, so you only need to try them out.

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