Penis Pre-Warn up Exercises

Pre-penis exercise warm up

As with exercising any muscle in your body, you will have to do penis exercises warm ups before you start the penis exercises.  Not only will you reduce the risk of injury by performing these warm up exercises, but you will also help your penis to be more inclined to be effected by stretching or jelqing.  The risk of injury is very small, most injuries are only small bruises; however, this can be avoided by warming up properly.
Although you can follow your instincts to warm up, there are basically two ways that you can perform these pre-penis warm up exercises and these two ways are as follows:
  • Hot Wraps: This is the process of wrapping your penis in warm or hot towels. You will take a small tower, soak it in hot water for a few minutes, and then wrap the towel around your penis. If the towel starts cooling off, you re-soak it in hot water, and repeat the process. This warm up should be done for 5 to 10 minutes and should be done consistently before each exercise. The towel should be hot enough that you are almost at your pain threshold breaking point, but do be careful not to burn yourself. You should be safe as long as you do not use boiling water. Although this pre-penis exercise warm up can be tedious and boring, it is the most popular form of penis warm up exercises.
  • Hot Shower: This is the process of showering your penis, not your entire body, in the hottest water you can withstand. In fact, your penis can withstand a lot more heat than you realize, so do not be afraid to turn the heat up past what other parts of you can tolerate. You will start the water temperature at a medium temperature, even lukewarm if you are very cold. You will gradually turn the temperature up so that you are at very hot temperature at the end of the warm up. With this type of pre-penis exercise warm up you avoid the moments of cold that you have when you are reheating the towel. In addition, a hot shower warm up allows you to be more discreet about what you are doing, if you do not live alone. However, there is one disadvantage to using this warm up technique. Hot water is not good for your testicles, so it is wise to try to avoid exposing them to very hot water or towels.
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