Be aware of Penis Enhancement Scams

One of the bad things that come with searching the market of any male enhancement product is that you will come across fraudulent companies whom sale faulty or fraudulent products.  There are many indicators that the penis enlarger company that you are considering is fraudulent and these indicators are listed below:
  1. Unwanted or unsolicited emails: Unwanted emails from male enhancement companies is one of the first indicators that the company is fraudulent or only after your money. Quality, professional male enhancement companies will wait for you to request information. Even if you really like the product offered, you do not purchase it through the email. This is a major indicator that the company is fraudulent. Many times you can find the exact product you like offered by a better established male enhancement company.You can also go to the website in the email, or any male enhancement website, and request that information be sent to you. A quality company will first send a confirmation email to ensure you requested the information, and then the company will send the product info.
  2. Guarantees: another indicator of a fraudulent company is one that does not offer a guarantee on their products. You need to be sure that any company that offer enlarger products come with a 100% money back guarantee. This is your insurance that if you are not getting the results you want or the product is faulty you have not wasted money. The companies who offer a money back guarantee are usually the ones who are legitimate. You should not waste your time or money on the companies who do not have guarantees.
  3. Professional Looking Websites and Web Addresses: Websites or even web addresses that have a professional appearance usually means that the company you are considering is well established and is a good indicator that the company cares enough about its business to offer a good website. All of the male enhancement sites that do not offer professional looking websites and addresses are usually fraudulent or a new business. It is in your best interest to avoid both.
  4. 4Reviews: Customers and potentially other websites have reviewed professional, longstanding penis enlargement companies. Companies who have reviews, good or bad, have been around for a while and usually are the ones to offer quality products and honor their guarantees. In fact, these reviews will give you a more accurate idea of if any particular male enhancement product or company is worth your time and money as customers are usually the most honest. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if you cannot find more than one review on any given product or company, it is probably fraudulent.
  5. Do the products have a history? Most penis enlargement companies are using products that have been around for a while. This means that the products usually have a history and are easily recognized by many people and businesses on the male enhancement market. The same goes for the manufacturers of the products. The quality company’s have been around for a while and are well established. You should avoid the small, unknown company’s, as they are more than likely fraudulent. These companies are only looking to get your money. has researched and rated 1000’s of products and we list only those products that have met or exceeded our criteria. You can find below, the list of products that have our current Consumers Choice Award.

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 VigRX Plus™
Albion Medical has done it again; they have improved the already highly effective VigRX™ with three key ingredients Tribulus, Damiana, and their exclusive ingredient Bioperine® and created VigRX Plus™.  These three ingredients have won this male enhancement product the consumer’s choice award for the month, as you will get superior gains.