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Researching male enhancement pills that give an erection, let alone trying to decide which pills are effective, is a daunting task. The male enhancement market is vast and full of fraudulent penis enhancement products that claim to give specified results, but never do. A solution that can help you save time and money is  At, we research the products for you and then list only the products that are the best and have proven to give you the results the product promises.

Before you purchase any male enhancement product, you can be confident that you would receive the expected results. You can have this confidence if you choose any of the products we have listed at For any product to be approved, it must first pass list of standards. These standards ensure that each product is effective and safe.

Approved Enhancement Products Possess the Following Attributes:
  • First, and foremost, your sexual health needs to be improved or promoted. If your entire reproductive system is healthy, then everything works better.
  • Second, enhancement products need to enhance your sexual desire. There really is not a point in enhancing your size if you do not have any sexual desire.
  • The third most important quality enhancement products must posses is the ability for you to enjoy sex more, meaning products should enhance sexual pleasure.
  • The fourth quality that looks for is an enhancement in the strength of your sexual glands. Improved strength can create a better sexual performance.
  • The fifth quality is promotion of blood circulation in your penis and testicles. As blood flow to your penis and testicles is what creates sexual excitement, which also results in an erection, penis enhancement products should promote blood circulation. The result will be a larger, longer lasting erection.
  • Sixth, enhancement products should allow you to last longer and be stronger in bed. This means we look for products that enhance your sex drive and stamina.
  • The seventh quality, which is why many men purchase these products, is to gain a longer, wider penis; this is something all enhancement products on our site will do.
  • The eighth quality doesn’t necessarily apply to the product, but instead the manufacturer. Each product should have excellent customer service, in case you have any questions or concerns.
  • Lastly, any legitimate manufacturer of penis enhancement products should ensure their product and their company by offering a guarantee.

After reviewing numerous products, the male enhancement pills that give an erection listed below are what we have found to be genuinely effective. Each product you read about will have met and/or surpassed all of our criteria stated above. You can be confident that whichever male enhancement pills you are interested in below will be an effective, quality product.


#1 - VigRX Plus Product Info: Albion Medical has done it again; they have improved the already highly effective VigRX™ with three key ingredients Tribulus, Damiana, and their exclusive ingredient Bioperine® and created VigRX Plus™. These three ingredients have won this male enhancement product the consumer’s choice award for the month, as you will get superior gains.

#2 ProSolution Pill
Product Info: If you are looking for fast, safe results, ProSolution Pills™ is the male enhancement product for you.  This product, which was featured in Maxim Magazine, uses only the safest ingredients and took two years to research and then create. If you want a larger, firmer penis, then ProSolution Pills™ is the right product for you.

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VigRX™ For Men 

Product Info:  GMC and the labs of VigRX™have created one of the most effective male enhancement pills to be found, VigRX™. You will achieve maximum gains and other sexual benefits while taking VigRX™.



Product Info:  An enhanced sexual drive, improved sexual performance, and just better sexual pleasure are what you will achieve by using the all-natural, herbal dietary supplement, VP-RX®.



Product Info:  The very thing that causes you to have an erection is what Vazomyne™ enhances. Enhanced blood circulation is what will help improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction, enhance the size and strength of your erections, and enable you to have a better sexual performance.


 Magna RX+®

Product Info:  This all-natural male enhancement product will give you the gains you have craved through one pill a day. Magana RX+® is one of the most effective male enhancement products you can find. It is completely safe and approved by doctors.



Product Info:  This sexual enhancer has been scientifically designed and formulated to both stimulate and boost the natural testosterone levels in many males suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) to both eliminate the problem while increasing the SIZE of our erection! The science behind the SizePro has come on the market as being one of the most powerful and effective penis enhancement products; thus setting a new healthy standard for being one of the most powerful and effective penis enhancement formulas.