Penis Enhancement Pill Ingredients

There are so many different ingredients that go into Penis Enhancement Pills that make them so effective. We have compiled a list of the key ingredients plus their medicinal uses that have worked throughout history. The main focus when it comes to ingredients is Ginseng. Ginseng is a major ingredient but there are others that contribute the effectiveness of the pills and they are listed below.

Asian Ginseng Root or Panax

The Asian Ginseng Root has been used for over 2000 years. It has been used to help a man increase his libido and increase stamina. It has also been used to help relieve stress, increase immunity and even help regulate a person’s blood pressure. These are just some of the major uses of this herb. Listed below is more of an extended list of uses for the great Asian Ginseng Root.

Erections and Libido

It has been scientifically proven that these Ginseng Extracts actually help to increase a man’s sperm production and now it has been though to be very useful in the treating of impotence.  The medical community has reported that the active ingredients called ginsenosides are the key compound in enhance libido by actually reducing the prolactin levels in the blood stream.

In 1995 a study was performed in Korea, 90 men with erection issues of one form or another participated. They were given three different treatments, one treatment was an anti-depressant, the second was a placebo and the third was Ginseng. The anti – depressant and the placebo groups did show a small 30 percent improvement but the Ginseng group showed an impressive 60 percent average improvement.

Cardiovascular Health

It has also been reported that Asian Ginseng can also lessen the problems that are caused by the endothelial cells which are the cells that line the inside of the blood vessels.  What happens when these cells become irritated it is called cell dysfunction and they can actually start a blockage in the blood flow. The cell dysfunction can lead to stroke and heart attack. But there is hop in Ginseng, the potential of the herb to calm irritated blood vessels in the future can protect the heart and other cardiovascular diseases. This theory has not yet to be proven yet but Ginseng may also heighten the levels of good cholesterol and decrease the body’s cholesterol levels as a whole.


There are many herbalists who really consider Ginseng to be a good treatment for Depression. The reason being is that it is said to help the body in fighting off stress thereby reducing a person’s stress levels.


It has been said that American Ginseng is actually better in terms of research for this health condition. The other types of Ginseng called Panax Ginseng gas been shown to decrease the blood sugar levels in people who live with Type 2 diabetes which occurs in adults.

Immune System Enhancement

The herb Ginseng has been associated with the immune system enhancement. Theoretically, it could help the body in warding off infection and diseases.  There has been studies done, but at least one has shown that people, who took Ginseng before getting their flu shot, did in fact get a lift in their immune system to the shot. Others were give placebos before their flu shots who did not feel anything.

Mental Performance / Mood Enhancement

People who have taken Ginseng on a regular basis often have said that they feel more alert during the course of the day. First round medical studies have hinted that the feeling of alertness actually have a scientific merit to it. During early research which has shown that Ginseng can help with increasing a person’s performance in some areas such as mental math, more focused concentration and even with improved memory. With these finding, research is likely to increase in this area.

Physical Endurance

There has been many studies that have been done that focus on the effects of Ginseng on athletic performance in people. Though the results have been a bit inconsistent but in the areas of strength and endurance some studies actually showed some improvement. Other improvements were in the area of agility and reaction time. But some studies have been known to show no improvement at all. But the fact is that athletes still take Ginseng for strength and endurance.

Saw Palmetto Berry

Saw Palmetto berries have been known to be used to treat frequent urination especially during the night. It has also been used in the treatment of impotence, lower libido and even other prostate problems. But today the berries are mainly used to treat a condition called BPH which is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.  BPH is a condition that the prostate glands become enlarged, which in turn causes symptoms such a frequent urination and pain.

The ingredients in the saw palmetto berries are phytosterols which come from a selection of fatty acids. These phytosterols can also help stop the conversion of testosterone to DHT. DHT has been long though to be responsible for allowing the prostate to be inflamed.  These ingredients can also stop DHT from attaching to the prostate cells which will decrease the risk of prostate enlargement.

But the saw palmetto berries can also have anti estrogenic and anti androgenic properties. These help keep the inflammation of the cells in line.  The herb called saw palmetto berry was commonly studied for a method of helping BPH in the United States and in Europe where each had very encouraging results.

Hawthorn Berry- Fructus Crataegi

The Hawthorn Berry contains a phytochemical which has excellent halting capacities. The Hawthorn Berry comes from the Hawthorn tree which is a very low, scrubby looking tree that is commonly found in North America and in Europe. The hawthorn berry is fully of bioflavonoids which are associated with helping the arteries relax and dilate. The compounds of this herb are very strong antioxidants that really help to increase the blood and oxygen flow to the heart. As this herb works, it decreases the work that the heart has to do by helping circulate the blood. The end result of this process can be decreased blood pressure and less stress on the heart muscles.

The bioflavonids found in the hawthorn actually offer strength to the walls of the blood vessels. They also help improve the blood flow to other places in the body. The compounds in these berries have also been associated with the decrease in cholesterol and reduction of plaque in the arteries.

In Germany, the Hawthorn Berry has been officially approved for pharmaceutical used. The German government has studies that show the hawthorn plant has no side effects at all.  In European studies, it has been shown that the herb has some botanicals which increase the blood flow to the brain and the heart. It also protects the hearts from irregular heartbeats and can increase the power of the contractions of the heart and can slightly lower blood pressure.

Ginkgo Biloba 

In 5000 years of Chinese herbal medicine, Ginkgo has the one of kind distinction of actually being a prescribed medication in Chinese tradition. In the last 30 years there have been over 300 medical research studies done that have given clinical proof that Ginkgo Biloba can stop many problems in the human body, especially circulation problems.

Ginkgo is becoming more and more recognized as a brain tonic especially in terms of memory improvement. The reason is due to the positivity is has on the vascular system especially in the brain area. Ginkgo has been associated with the improvement in flow of the blood to the extremities as well as the flow of oxygen and an increased blood flow to the genital area and thereby improving the sexual function and a more powerful erection.
A recent study has shown that 78 percent of all men who had impotence problems that were non medically caused reported an improvement when taking Ginkgo and there were no negative side effects.  Gingko has also been proven to a nutritional advocate for mental alertness and for increased vitality, circulatory health and even the health of the blood vessels. But Gingko also has a very high antioxidant levels that are very useful in fighting age related conditions. But it has been said that Gingko may be able to counteract some of the aging effects which include mental tiredness and decreased energy levels.



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