How male enhancement patches work

Pharmaceutical patches a very common practice for a number of aliments.  In fact, you can find them for birth control, as an anti-depressant and non-smoking drug. Many reasons, which make the patch popular, are below:
  • A patch is not diluted, meaning you have the medicine at its full potency.
  • As you do not digest them, there are not any adverse side affects like nausea.
  • You are continually receiving the medicine in a time-released fashion.
  • Your blood levels show a more accurate reading of the level of medicine.
  • Pharmaceutical patches have a longer life span than most other forms of medicine.
Thousands of men are taking advantage of the male enhancement patch and are now reaping the benefits.  Some of the benefits of the all natural, male enhancement patch are as follows:
  • You will have all natural penis enhancements.
  • You will have harder, longer lasting erections (only when aroused).
  • More control of when you ejaculate.
  • You will have a consistent, strong sex drive and performance.
  • You will have more intense orgasms.

You can be assured that all male enhancement patches are created after years of research and the most updated information on transdermal pharmaceutical delivery. Male enhancement patches work by releasing the medicine (herbs and such) directly through the skin, into the blood stream, in a time-controlled fashion.

As with other pharmaceutical patches, because is not an oral medication, it is not digested.  The advantage male enhancement patch has over pills it is a once a day application. After applying the patch, you will get the full strength of the male enhancement medicine all day.

As with any male enhancement product, it is hard to find quality male enhancement patches.  You should research and then choose the established companies with good customer order records and results.  You should also choose male enhancement companies that work with medical professionals to ensure you get a safe, effective patch.  Moreover, you should familiarize your self with some of the common ingredients used in these patches.  Some ingredients you may find are as follows:

  • Ginseng: Originally used to boost strength and treat weakness, it is now know to be an aphrodisiac and a natural way to treat non-medical impotence and prevent premature ejaculation. Ginseng helps to normalize your blood pressure while promoting over all body health, while promoting healthy nerve growth. Ginsenoside, a main component in Ginseng, will alter your blood flow to your brain and penis, hence, building blood and sperm. Studies by Russian scientists have reported that ginseng will stimulate mental and physical activity. This, in turn, enhances both physical activity and the sexual glands (sexual performance).
  • Fo-Ti: In China, this herb is known as sho-tu and it is used to promote long life and as a preventive to premature aging. Although this plant is native to China, it is grown exclusively in Japan and Taiwan. Fo-ti has many uses and some of these uses are listed below:
    • It helps you maintain your energy levels.
    • It helps to maintain your strength and vitality.
    • It is stated that it will help protect you against cancer and heart disease.
    • It is used as a natural treatment for improving memory and treating mental depression.
    • Gotu Kola: This is used to relax and/or calm the body. Gotu Kola is also used as a pain reliever, as a way to improve circulation through strengthening your veins and capillaries, to reduce swelling, and reduce excess fluids.
  • Saw Palmetto Berry: Benefits both male and female reproductive organs. It is used as both an aphrodisiac and a tonic. Saw Palmetto Berry is stated as used to help ease the prostate swelling and to ease excessive urination. It is also stated as being good for a male’s reproductive system.
  • Damiana: This is used in promoting overall well being and relieving anxiety, while also being used to enhance your sexual performance (a sexual stimulant). Damiana is used as a tonic and can improve your body function, over all.
  • Yohimbe: This aphrodisiac will promote blood circulation through dilating the blood vessels. This will bring blood closer to the surface of your sexual organs. In addition, Yohimbe will also lower your blood pressure and enhance or improve your ability to become excited in your lower regions.

Listed above are a few elements found in a penis enlargement patch. There are things you should consider to choose an effective, safe patch.  First, the patch should be created in a certified lab.  Second, the company offering the patch should offer a money back guarantee.

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