Maxoderm Cream Review

The Late Night (or anytime) Fast Solution to Your Erection Problems

Here’s the scenario, and while I’m not happy about admitting it, we’ll probably never meet in person, so here’s goes; I was with this drop-dead gorgeous brunette and things were getting hot.  You know the type, long legs, silky smooth skin and hair as black as midnight.

She was breathing deep, skirt inching up and in mind, she was mine.  Reality though, often sucks since no matter what she did (and it was a lot) I was getting nowhere fast, if you catch my drift.  “Damn,” I thought, “What a *&^$#$@ waste”.

That night didn’t end as planned, but that’s on me, if I’d laid my ego aside (not so easy, right guys) and had a tube of Maxoderm close by, I’d have been sitting tall-in-the-saddle.

FACT: MAXODERM™ is different than herbal pills and supplements; it is not taken orally, rather applied directly to the sensitive areas, providing a firmer and longer lasting erection.

Okay, so what’s Maxoderm and will it float your boat?  Don’t know what kind of boat you’re driving, but it WILL rock your world, it did mine.  So lucky for me that gorgeous babe was up for a second go-round, this time I wanted her to say… “Wow… baby”, and I wasn’t going to stop till she did.

I’ll be honest, I was a little worried when things started leading toward the bedroom, we’d been out for drinks and some tunes, but now it was Nirvana time and I wondered if I’d be up for the task.  I was!  Here’s what happened.

NOTE: If you know your lady well, you might have her personally apply Maxoderm, in my case I slipped away for a quiet moment (ready to run if I didn’t measure up), but it worked exactly as advertised.

I took a deep breath (this was a big moment) and applied a quarter size dab and started massaging it in, all the while knowing who I had waiting in the other room and what it would feel like to touch her, even more, to have her touch me.  The mind (with a little help from science) can work wonders.  It took a few minutes then I started to feel the warmth and see the results…guys… I was smiling.

It was about that time a sultry voice whispered from the other room beckoning… I was filled with confidence, walking into the other room at “full attention”, she wouldn’t be disappointed.

FACT: Maxoderm (created by Barmensem Labs) is a patent pending formula using VASOTRAN AUCTUM™.  The product stimulates the tissue surrounding the penis, creating greater arousal and more intense orgasms. The effects are immediate, however best results are achieved by using it regularly over a period of 12 weeks.

Here are a few questions my buds asked; it might help answer a few of your questions.

Are Maxoderm effects immediate?
Pretty much and they’ll only improve over time.

How do you use Maxoderm, is it like a pill?
Nope… it’s a topical application, just rub it on, better yet, have her rub it on.

Do I need to keep using Maxoderm for the effects to continue?
Everyone’s going to be different, but the company recommends a 12 week program with around 5 applications per week.  After that time, 1 to 3 times a week should be fine.

Is Maxoderm doctor approved?
Sure is, Dr. Michael A. Savino, a urologist in New York is on the company advisory board.

Is there a money back guarantee?
Of course, any reputable company offers a refund, theirs is for 60 days with a full money back guarantee.

Guys, none of us likes that sinking feeling when things just… don’t go right.  I’ve been there as I said, but I have NO PLANS to revisit, I’ll never have to Maxoderm.