#3 – Andro Penis Extender®

Andro Penis Extender® Review


Product Info: The Andro Medical Extender® developed by the prominent Spanish urologist Dr. Eduardo A. Gomez de Diego is based on the principle of traction. It is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device, and holds the European Health Certification (CE).

For those of you men who are seeking ways to have a larger penis, straighten out a crooked penis, or even just perform better, then secretenhancer.com is the place for you.  This site provides you with all the information needed to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase the penis enlarger products on display.  In fact, SecretEnhancers.com even does the research for you and then rates any penis enlarger products we deem worthy. One of the products you will find is called the Andro-Penis Gold.
You will not need any other male enlarger product once you have the Andro-Penis Gold
You can buy the Andro-Penis Gold.  This penis enlarger product may be known as a penis extender or even a traction penis enlargement product. This refers to a device that you put on both the base and the head of your penis and then use the natural ways your body (skin) responds to traction in order to grow. 
This means that the Andro Medical Penis Enlargement device, when used properly, will gradually pull your penis, causing it to grow new skin cells and such, and then eventually you will gain inches.   As painful as this may sound, it really is not.  It is such a gradual process that the only discomfort you will feel is feeling the device on your penis.  
In fact, if you use the penis enlargement device correctly, you will get used to feeling it on your penis, and not feel any other pain.It is understandable if you are still a little apprehensive about the Andro-Medical Gold, but you only need a few more facts and you will want to purchase this product.   First, the Andro-Penis Gold is a Type 1 medical device and has a “European Health Certification”. 
What this means is that this penis extender is safe to use.  Also, the Andro-Penis Gold is proven to make most men’s penises( 97%) gain up to 3 to 4 centimeters in length, when flaccid, and at least 1 centimeter in girth.  Second, the Andro- Penis Gold is worn while you are flaccid, for at least 4 hours, with a maximum of 9 hours a day.  You will have to wear the Andro-Penis Gold for up to 8 months to achieve maximum results.
Now, you may be wondering how the Andro-Penis Gold is made, well, it is actually very simple.  There are two metal rods, which are connected to a plastic ring.  There is also a silicone and plastic support band to hold your penis in place.  It is a very effective penis extender as the concept of the Andro-Penis Gold dates back to ancient times. 
Traction devices were used back then to enlarge various areas of the body, such as the golden rings used to elongate the necks of ancient women.  As you move further into time, you can see where traction devices are used to create skin grafts and even used in surgery to elongate bones.  Now, you have penis extender products, like the Andro-Penis Gold, who use the same principles of traction to enlarge the penis.